Agile Quotation Tool
Agile Quotation Tool (AQT) – is here to help you create an estimate for your project based on an agile approach, in a consistent, accurate and simple manner.
You might say, agile doesn’t use quotes, however funding / cost is still central to the development of all products and projects.
You have been asked to provide a quote on a project. What should you do… of course there are the spreadsheets.
Agile Quotation Tool (AQT) – is here to make your project estimate simple and consistent, using agile methodology. It’s a perfect tool to kick off your project.
Should you use estimation / quotations for Agile projects? The short answer is yes. Funding is always needed and it’s a critical factor for any projects.
Unlike spreadsheets, there is no need to remember where the relevant quote is, as it stored in a central location
AQT is available in 2 subscription models – Basic and Premium.
Basic allows you to estimate / quote on small and medium sized projects, while Premium also allows you to estimate large projects.
As you create the new quotation, you are asked what size type you want to create – small, medium or large.
To compare Basic and Premium, select the buttons
The ‘Premium’ subscription version of the Agile Quotation Tool allows you to create consistent estimates/ quotations for small, medium or large projects.
No need to remember where the relevant quote is stored or having to email it out to everyone. Anyone can view the quotation / and estimation details as needed.
AQT supports roadmaps / scenarios for large projects, supporting up to 4 releases
The Premium subscription provides:
  • Ability to create estimates / quotes for small, medium and Large sized projects, quickly and easily
  • Support of 5 agile phases per quotation
  • Detail scope and deliverables
  • Phases can be renamed to allow tailoring to the agile approach being used
  • Risks along with the ability to view them in a Risk Matrix
  • Ability to set the percentage of CAPEX and OPEX per agile phase.
  • A list of Resources and T-Shirt sizes which can be updated to suit your business
  • The solution approach can be documented. All associated documentation or diagrams can be added to each item
  • An initial product backlog is created listing Features / Epics and Enablers. This initial product backlog can be exported as a csv file
  • For medium or large sized projects, each requirement is associated with a level of risk which is used to determine an overall contingency
  • Small projects only need the requirements / tasks listed and then enter the total story points. When creating medium projects the individual requirement is sized
  • For Large projects each requirement is associated to a scenario (Must, should could nice) and this is used to build the product roadmap
  • Capability to T-shirt size the requirements to determine agile team velocities and number of sprints required to build the product
  • The ability to create a specific agile team needed per agile phase
  • The ability to include external costs needed per phase
  • External Resource costs per individual or even whole external teams. A start date, length of time and cost can be added
  • Capability to print an overview quote including : - Scope, Timeline; Financial Investment; Deliverables and agile phase
  • Ability to purchase additional quotes and users above those supplied as part of your premium subscription
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